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Combo Offer (Blissy Organic Alphonso Mango (12 no) + Organic Alphonso Mango Pulp- 500gms)


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  • packaging grade avg. weight 205 grams at farm stage + 500gms Alphonso Pulp

Note*: Standard ordering is in dozens only.

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Product Description

Buy Organic Alphonso Mango

Buy Organic Alphonso Mango online from our orchards with  stringent quality checks.

Our experienced quality team ensure the finest quality to our customers, our quality team continually reviews the yield from harvesting till final packaging process takes place.
Our team excels in cultivating and harvesting the world-famous Authentic Devgad / Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes which are known for its superb taste and juicy pulp.

Organic Alphonso Mango  in its Original and Juiciest form:

  • Standard packaging of Alphonso Mangoes 12Nos.
  • packaging grade avg. weight 205 grams at farm stage.
  • Excellent sweet aroma with unique juicy orangish fruit pulp once fully ripe.
  • Mangoes are packed semi-ripe so as to withstand transport time.
  • For long distances deliveries – the fruit will mature to full sweetness within 4 to 5 days after arrival. Please open the box and relay the mangoes with the hay.
  • Do not refrigerate the mangoes unless fully ripe.

Organic Devgad Alphonso Mango Pulp:

  • Alphonso Mangoes standard packaging is done in 500 gms Pouch.
  • Mangoes are hand-picked , sorted, graded, washed and carefully peeled.
  • Pulp of approximately 1kg Alphonso mangoes results into 500 gms Pulp.
  • Rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A, B complex and C.
  • Low in fat and contains not more than 7% of added sugar.
  • Can be enjoyed straight from the Pouch by young and old folks alike!
  • It does not contain any preservatives and artificial colors.
  • Does not contain any artificial flavors and thickeners.
  • Tastes and smells exactly as freshly pulped Alphonso mango.
  • Unopened Pouches, can be safely stored at room temperature!
Instructions for use:
You can enjoy a wide range of easy recipes using our Mango pulp like mango milk-shakes/smoothies, ice-cream, yogurt, tropical cocktails, mousse, cakes, pastries, pies, muffins.


Unopened pouches of Alphonso mango pulp can be safely stored at room temperature. Once the pouch is opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator after transferring the contents into a glass jar.

VecoV Farms Cultivation of  Organic Alphonso Mango Tree:

Mango trees thrive in tropical and subtropical climates, particularly in places with good rainfall followed by a dry season to stimulate fruit production. Exposure to temperatures below 30° F can kill or severely damage a mango tree.
A mango tree can reach a height of 60 feet or more with a canopy of 35 feet; commercial mango groves are pruned for manageable husbandry and harvest.
The leaves on a mango tree are thick, leathery and oblong in shape, with short, pointed ends. Leaves remain on the tree for a year or more. Leaves are purple when young and usually mature to a deep green.
The mango tree will bear fruit 4 to 6 years after planting and the fruit is harvested once a year.
Flowers are produced in terminal panicles (loosely branched flower clusters forming a pyramid-like shape) 4 to 16 inches long. Each panicle holds 1500 or more flowers. Each flower is small with white petals and a mild sweet aroma.
Insects pollinate the flowers and less than 1% of the flowers will mature to form a fruit.
Mangos can range from 2 to 5 inches in length and from 100 to 300 gms in weight , their shape can vary from flat, to round, to long and slender.
The color of the mango’s skin depends on the variety. In some varieties,fruits hanging in the sunlight are usually brighter than those inside the canopy of the same tree and can develop a red blush. Skin color is not an indicator of ripeness.
It takes about  3 to 4 months for a Organic Alphonso mango to mature on the tree; each fruit is harvested by hand operated stick.
Mangos can be raised from seed or propagated by grafting (the joining of a woody shoot from a mature tree with a seedling). A seedling tree will take longer to produce fruit and usually will be more difficult to manage, compared to a grafted tree.

Organic Alphonso Mango Delivery in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane

We do deliver Organic Alphonso Mangoes in standardised form in MMRDA region
Delivery within a week across MMRDA