GI- AU/11398/GI/139/1317

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Organic Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango- Angelic (12 Nos)


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Buy Organic Ratnagiri Mango Online

GI- AU/11398/GI/139/1317

  • packaging grade avg weight at 235 grams at farm stage.

  • Organic Mangoes Online- Benefits to Our Customers:

    From sourcing to packaging and delivery, our entire production process is geared to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction at VecoV Farms. The company has an unbeatable edge to its offering. VecoV produces and supplies fruits from fruit growing areas based on FRUIT GI TAG which ensures the traceability and thus fruits are supplied to its true natural characteristics like amazing aroma. Our customers also has an added advantage of getting customized packing and labeling.
    • Right Organic Harvesting practices
    • Sorting and Grading
    • Standardization of fruit supply
    • Less handling of fruits
    • Maximum yield of products

Out of stock

Product Description

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Buy Organic Ratnagiri  Mango – Angelic

Buy Organic Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes online from our orchards with  stringent quality checks. Our experienced quality team ensure the finest quality to our customers, our quality team continually reviews the yield from harvesting till final packaging process takes place.
Our team excels in cultivating and harvesting the world-famous Authentic Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes which are known for its superb taste and juicy pulp.

Buy Organic Ratnagiri Mango online in its Original and Juiciest form:

  • Standard packaging of Alphonso Mangoes 12 Nos.
  • packaging grade avg. weight at 235 grams at farm stage.
  • Excellent sweet aroma with unique juicy orangish fruit pulp once fully ripe.
  • Alphonso Mangoes are packed semi-ripe so as to withstand transport time.
  • For long distances deliveries – the fruit will mature to full sweetness within 4 to 5 days after arrival. Please open the box and relay the mangoes with the hay.
  • Do not refrigerate the mangoes unless fully ripe.
  • What We Do:

    We cultivate and deliver Devgad /Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes across India. We deliver fresh fruits and processed fruits to food preparations, food processing, hospitality, pharma industry, institutions, corporates, supermarkets, and caterers. We source the best quality input for fruit pulp processing with high hygienic standards.
    Premium Quality Devgad Hapoos is what we believe in. Quality has consistently been a very centric and significant part of VecoV. To ensure the finest quality to our customers, our quality team continually reviews our produce from harvesting to final packaging process.

    Our Organic Mangoes Orchards:

    We deliver fresh and juicy world-famous authentic Devgad Alphonso mangoes from our own lush green orchard at Padel in Devgad region and  Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes from Purnagad which are scenic coastal Konkan regions in the state of Maharashtra, India.
    We also deliver fresh Pomegranate, Apples and more from our associate farmer network. Our products offer world-class products, meeting international standards and compliance of domestic and export markets. We are known for premium quality Alphonso mangoes which has an impeccable aroma, orangish pulp and thin skin which peels like a banana and absolutely amazing taste.

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