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Our Sustainable Farming Policy

Sustainable Farming Policy  that we follow:

Our team of VecoV has been working for years now  to excel in managing orchards in the most traditional yet efficient way. We manage sustainable production of fruits throughout its harvesting season and also experts ensure that yield is abundant and satisfied are potential customers.

Our fruits specially alphonso mangoes are grown in such a way that we maintain healthy system for the upcoming future generations too and we have been following the method since the 19th century. The main goal of reforms team is to to maintain sustainability including all the management as well as the harvesting process. We also think about reforestation of a land to keep the soil fertile and to maintain the environmental stability.

We believe that we are responsible conservation of soil, air, water, wildlife, and aesthetic qualities and thus each and every step taken by our team looks for conservation of environment. We contribute to the conservation of biological diversity across the landscapes near our farms where we have ownership to maintain healthy orchards.

Apart from producing and delivering the premium quality fruits directly from our farms we also help in protecting threatened and endangered species and work with government agencies to aid in their conservation.